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2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Programs

Campbell University offers through its various colleges, schools and campuses an extensive number of programs leading to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. In the following sections, the institution defines the terms “major,” “concentration,” and “track” and provides in chart form a comprehensive list of all academic programs offered.

Campbell University’s Definition of a Major, Concentration, and Track


A major is a set of required and elective courses offering a degree of preparation in a particular discipline or field of study. The requirements and the curriculum for a major are determined by the academic department offering the major with approvals through appropriate university processes.


A concentration is an area of specialization within an academic major. If offered, the academic department may determine if a concentration is an optional or required component of the major.


A defined group of courses or course options designed to prepare a student for a specific professional career. A track may or may not coincide with an academic major.




Other Programs