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2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are reviewed annually by the Campbell University Board of Trustees. Tuition and fee rates are published on Campbell’s website in March of each year for the upcoming academic year. Below are tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Campbell University College of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate-Main Campus Fall 2017   Spring 2018  
Tuition Per Semester        
Full-Time 12 to 18.5 hours $14,950.00   $14,950.00  
Less than 12 hours $595.00 per credit hour $595.00 per credit hour
More than 18.5 hours $595.00 per credit hour $595.00 per credit hour
Online Education Courses        
Main Campus Students-Less than 12 hours $425.00 per credit hour $425.00 per credit hour
General Fees Fall 2017  

Spring 2018

General Fees-Full time 9 or more hours (not BSPS or BSCR) $645.00   $645.00  
General Fees-All BSPS &BSCR Students $975.00   $975.00  
General Fees-Part time less than 9 hours $71.67   $71.67  
Other Fees        
Golf Management Fee $725.00   $725.00  
Student Teaching Fee $450.00   $450.00  
Music Fees:        
Regular Students:        
One 30 minute lesson per week 1 hour of credit or no credit $360.00   $360.00  
Two 30 minute lessons per week 2 hours of credit $675.00   $675.00  
Special Students:        
One 30 minute lesson per week 1 hour of credit $360.00   $360.00  
Two 30 minute lessons per week 2 hours of credit $675.00   $675.00  
One 30 minute lesson per week No credit $490.00   $490.00  
Rental of Musical Instruments $125.00   $125.00  
Student Illness Insurance        
Student Insurance costs estimated and subject to change. Final cost is based on carrier cost and will be published when available.

Full time main campus students are “REQUIRED” to provide proof of coverage or purchase illness insurance provided by the university.

International students are required to carry Campbell University’s insurance. International students will be automatically enrolled and their student accounts charged.

Illness Insurance Undergraduate-Mandatory $604.00 fall semester $838.00 spring semester
Illness Insurance-Graduate-Optional-International students will be automatically enrolled. $1,081.00 fall semester $1,498.00 spring semester
Residence Hall Rates: Fall 2017   Spring 2018  
Bryan, Day, and Powell $2,595.00   $2,595.00  
Burkot, Hedgpeth, McCall, Murray, Pat Barker, Sauls, Small and Strickland $2,750.00   $2,750.00  

Additional charge for Private Dorm Room

$725.00   $725.00  
Jones Hall $3,450.00   $3,450.00  
Barker Suites (per room) $3,850.00   $3,850.00  
Barker Apartments (per room) $4,050.00   $4,050.00  
Faculty Memorial (per room) $4,050.00   $4,050.00  
Stadium Apartments (per room) $4,050.00   $4,050.00  
South Hall $4,050.00   $4,050.00  
Meal Plans Fall 2017   Spring 2018  
Resident Student Meal Plans:        
12 Block Plan (12 meals per week cumulative and 600 Campbell Bucks) $2,825.00   $2,825.00  
All Access Plan (unlimited meals at Marshbanks, 19 meals per week, 1 meal per serving period at any location that offers a meal exchange and 250 Campbell Bucks) $2,825.00   $2,825.00  
Commuting Student Meal Plan: Fall 2017   Spring 2018  
5 Meals (includes $700 Campbell Bucks) $1,440.00   $1,440.00  
50 Block Plan (50 meals total per semester and 200 Campbell Bucks) $595.00   $595.00  
Camel Plan ($300 Campbell Bucks) $275.00   $275.00  

*Effective January 1, 2014, NC G.S. 105-164-13(27) required a tax assessment on meal plan. On April 1, 2014, Campbell University was required to assess a 7% tax rate to student accounts for meal plan purchases. The student meal plans cost includes the 7% tax assessment.

Advance Enrollment Deposit

All freshmen, transfer, and returning students are required to pay a $250 advance enrollment deposit. This fee is refundable prior to May 1 if the student requests it in writing to the Admissions Office. The Advance Enrollment Deposit is applied to the student account upon enrollment.

Processing/Application Fee

A processing/application fee of $35 is required with all paper applications. This fee is applied against the cost of evaluating applications, is not refundable and does not apply to the student’s account upon enrollment.

Terms of Payment:

The Business Office offers three payment options for students owing a balance after financial aid.  Credit based loans, such as the Parent PLUS Loan and Alternative Loan, should not be used in the payment calculation, unless an ‘approved’ credit decision has been received. 

Option 1: Pay in full no later than August 10, 2017, for the fall semester and December 10, 2017, for the spring semester.

Option 2: Pay half no later than August 10, 2017, and remit the remaining half no later than September 30, 2017, for the fall semester. Half of the spring semester payments should be received no later than December 10, 2017, with the remaining due January 31, 2018.

Option 3: Enroll, create a payment plan, and make your first payment in our outsourced monthly online payment option by August 10, 2017, for fall semester and December 10, 2017, for spring semester.  This option allows students to pay ¼ of the balance due in 4 monthly payments.

The Financial Aid Office is available to assist students with loans and other funding sources. Students applying for financial aid are encouraged to apply early to ensure the financial aid file is processed in a timely manner and approved prior to registration. 

Failure to Properly Withdraw/Refund Policy

To withdraw officially from the University during a semester, a student is required to complete an official withdrawal through the Office of Student Life (2nd Floor of the Wallace Student Center). The withdrawal must be completed with proper signatures obtained and required forms turned into the Registrar’s Office for placement in the student’s permanent file.  Failure to withdraw properly will result in a non-prorated reassessment of charges to the student account.  Tuition, fees, room, and board will the prorated in accordance with the following schedule for a full University Withdrawal.

Undergraduate Main Campus Tuition Refund Schedule

Fall and Spring Semesters

Full University Withdrawal (“W” status-all courses)
Term Period Tuition Refund
Week 1 100%
Week 2 80%
Week 3 60%
Week 4 60%
Week 5 40%
Week 6 40%
Week 7 20%
Week 8 20%
Week 9-End of Semester No Refund

Students requesting to drop a course(s) but not withdrawing from the University should request a course drop through the Registrar’s Office.  The student is required to complete the official drop process as determined by the University Registrar.  Failure to complete the official drop process will result in no proration of tuition charges.  Main campus undergraduate students registered for 12 – 18.5 hours (prior to and after a course drop) are not eligible for a reassessment of tuition and will be charged the published full-time rate.  Students registered for more than 18.5 hours, then dropping to 12 – 18.5 hours will be assessed the full-time tuition rate, plus a prorated tuition charge for overload hours in which the student was registered prior to the course drop.  Course drops will be assessed tuition charges in accordance with the following schedule.    

Undergraduate Main Campus Tuition Refund Schedule (Course Drop)

Fall and Spring Semesters
Term Period Tuition Refund
Days 1-8 100%
Days 9-14 75%
Days 15 - End of Drop Period 50%
After Drop Period No Refund

Prior to dropping a course or withdrawing from the University, students are encouraged to contact the Business Office and Financial Aid Office to ensure the student understands the financial impact of such action. 

Students receiving tuition assistance are required to report a course drop or University withdrawal to their Campbell University Veteran’s Affairs Certifying r=Representative and the Business Office Sponsored Billing Representative. 

The Business Office is responsible for the reassessment of student account charges; however, it is the responsibility of the Financial Aid Office to ensure financial aid awards have been evaluated and reassessed accordingly. The Business Office reserves the right to hold refund of credit balances until the Financial Aid Office has evaluated and approved the release of funds awarded to students that withdraw from the University.

Students are responsible for unpaid balances resulting from a course drop or University Withdrawal.