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2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Academic Regulations for Graduation

Classification of Students

The classification of a student depends upon the number of hours completed and not upon the length of time enrolled in the University. A student is classified:

  1. As a senior, upon the completion of 98 semester hours.
  2. As a junior, upon the completion of 64 semester hours.
  3. As a sophomore, upon the completion of 24 semester hours.
  4. As a freshman, if the regular admission requirements have been met.
  5. As a special student, if for some approved reason the student is registered for one or more courses but does not meet the admission requirements.
  6. As a part-time student, if, with approval, the student is registered for less than 12 hours of credit work.

N.B.: To receive full assistance through the Financial Aid Office or through Veterans Affairs, a student must be enrolled for 12 semester hours.

Minimum Grade Requirements for Graduation

All baccalaureate candidates must have: (1) a “C” average (2.000) in the major and (2) a “C” average (2.000) at Campbell.

All associate candidates must have completed 62 semester hours with a 2.000 average on all work offered for graduation and must have earned a 2.000 average on 80% of all work attempted.

Note: Some majors require that students must have a “C” or better on each course within the major. Students seeking teacher licensure must have a “C” or better on all courses in the major and on all education courses. Please check individual major grade requirements with applicable academic departments.

Note: Education majors must have a 2.70 cumulative grade point average upon entrance into the major and upon graduation. Social work majors must have a 2.25 cumulative grade point average upon entrance into the major and upon graduation.

Application for Graduation

The candidate is responsible for applying for graduation during the final semester of graduation. Depending on an individual student’s progress, this process may involve several applications. Applications must be on file in the Office of the Registrar before the degree will be awarded. The candidate must satisfy all financial obligations prior to graduation. A student’s application is good for the current term only. Please know that if a student is not cleared for graduation during the term of application, they must reapply to be eligible for graduation.

The application for graduation serves several purposes and is therefore not only a necessary but also an essential component of the graduation process:

  • It assures that the candidate’s name is added to a master list of potential candidates,
  • It assures that a final program evaluation review is performed thereby certifying the candidate’s eligibility for degree candidacy,
  • It assures that a diploma order will be placed,
  • It assures that the applicant will receive information ancillary to graduation events and venues and,
  • It assures that the candidate will receive information about obtaining invitations and the proper academic regalia.

For date specific deadlines and graduation introductions, please refer to the main campus Registrar’s Office Website. (