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2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2017 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science, International Studies, B.A. (CIP 45.0901)

The program in International Studies adapts the Political Science major by requiring more of the required 37 semester hours of political science or history focus on international relations. International Studies students are required to complete the BA Degree Requirements, including  the General College Curriculum, and the requirements for the International Studies major.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the requirements of the academic major, students must comply with the General Academic Regulations for Graduation  and Undergraduate Academic Policies .  As part of these Policies, students must complete the General College Curriculum , which is based on the degree.

Major Requirements

Additional Requirements

The student should include an economics class in addition to the two required for the Political Science major. Political Science majors with an International Studies concentration will complete POLS 481  as their senior seminar, while History majors will complete HIST 451 .