Apr 02, 2023  
2020 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2020 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, Pre-Law, B.A. (CIP 54.0101/22.0001)

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Degree Requirements

In addition to the requirements of the academic major, students must comply with the General Academic Regulations for Graduation  and Undergraduate Academic Policies .  As part of these policies, students must complete the General College Curriculum , which is based on the degree.

Major Requirements

Law schools want students who think rationally and logically, express themselves clearly and coherently in both oral and written form, possess a broad education in the liberal arts, and have specialized in an appropriate academic major. Campbell University’s Department of History, Criminal Justice and Political Science have a curriculum to aid students wishing to demonstrate such qualifications.

The program meets all college requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree and gives the students a major in History. The program, which is broad enough to provide students the specific courses needed to prepare them for the study of law, includes 6 hours of United States history, 3 hours of British history, 3 hours of political thought, 3 hours of logic, 6 hours of economics, 3 hours of public speaking, 6 hours of constitutional development, and 3 hours of either advanced writing (ENGL 302 ) or argument and persuasion (ENGL 424 ). The curriculum also includes HIST 300 - Introduction to Law , with presentations by faculty from the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law.


All students must also complete MATH 160   and MATH 212  for this major.

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