Oct 17, 2021  
2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2019 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

IV. Satisfy the Campbell University Connections (CUC) attendance requirement.

Connections reflects the Christian mission and purpose of Campbell University by offering experiences that seek to nurture the spiritual life of students from a Christian perspective and help to build a strong sense of community. Programs do not attempt to coerce students to worship or embrace a particular set of beliefs or value system. Connections merges the university’s hallmarks of faith, learning, and service together to educate, challenge, and prepare students to live and act responsibly in this world. It is one of the longest standing traditions at Campbell University as we maintain our rich Christian heritage. The gathering provides an opportunity for the community to engage in worship and programming that inspires, challenges, enriches, and transforms.

Adult & Online Education students must satisfy this requirement through the completion of COSU 100 .

Attendance requirements for Connections are as follows:


Students entering with less than 30 semester hours must complete both CUC 100 and CUC 200.

Students entering with 30 or more semester hours must complete either CUC 100 or CUC 200.

Students who are seeking an Associate in Arts or Associate of Science degree must complete CUC 100 and CUC 200.


One-half hour credit is awarded for each semester of Connections attendance. The grade will depend upon the number of events attended.

CUC is needed for students to complete requirements for graduation. In addition to the regular meeting time of the class, students will have an approved list of programs offered across campus for Connections credit. Students have the opportunity to choose which events they attend for Connections credit; however, the programs must be events pre-approved and advertised as a Connections event.