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2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, B.S. (CIP 40.0501)

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Degree Requirements

In addition to the requirements of the academic major, students must comply with the General Academic Regulations for Graduation  and Undergraduate Academic Policies .  As part of these policies, students must complete the General College Curriculum , which is based on the degree.

Chemistry, Physics, and the General College Curriculum

Students may use chemistry or physics lab courses (four semester hours each) to fulfill four to eight semester hours of the general college science requirement. CHEM 101  and PHYS 231  are suggested for non – science majors. (See General College Curriculum  requirements for details.)

Major Requirements

A candidate for a Bachelor’s degree with a major in chemistry must, in addition to the General College Curriculum, complete with a “C” average or better at least 34 hours of chemistry courses, including:


one year of calculus-based physics


Candidates who are considering graduate studies are recommended to take an additional year of math (MATH 224 , MATH 337 ) and CHEM 430  as an elective. Chemistry majors are also encouraged to select a minor complementary to the field in which they wish to work (e.g. Biology, Math/ITS, business or Communication Studies.)

Courses numbered above 300 may be offered only in alternate years. CHEM 430  (Biochemistry) is cross-listed with BIOL 430  and is taught in the biology department.

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